No Answers

Your head is low; you sit and wait. The clock ticks loudly. Even in death, there is no escape from the time. 

The smell of anti-bacterial solution numbs the senses and leaves a sense of sadness in your thoughts.

You are sitting and waiting with such intensity; the flatlining beeps and the screams of urgency jolt you. Your head turns towards the sky, only the ceiling.

Anguish grips your chest. There is a knowing that this is the end; numb feelings and recollections of little things about the face you love.

You wait for answers, which never come. Time passes, and fatigue sets into your bones. A person arrives, trepidation increases, and you know your world is shattering: a knowing of sadness.

A person says, “Come with me…“.

The silence, as you look down. Ghosts wait in the wings for sadness to come so they can feed and devour on the stench of heartbreak.

One look and you know he is not there, yet his body remains on the bed. The sheets are white, his flesh is cold, and you know death has come to the love of your life.

Your world softens as a kind hand touches your skin. 

Even now, you feel love and know you will get through this. You know this, yet what of your love?

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