For Yemen

Dead eyes see nothing,
for life has gone from their bodies.

Their blood mixes with the dust
as the Earth tries to cover our shame.

The broken bodies of unjust wars,
their silence goes unnoticed by many.

You fear the ghosts of the dead,
yet you turn away as bombs kill the living.

A selective concern for war,
there is always a right side and a wrong side.

Funnelled news distorts your mind,
thinking too deeply cuts into internet shopping.

You curse Russia for the war in Ukraine,
yet you don’t know where Yemen is on a map.

Inspiration: Tentative, Perfumed, Bridge

Ivory and Rose
a soft complexion

Bathed in sunlight
warm Ivory and Dusty Rose

Lovely almond eyes
hide unexplored longings

Love moves on the wind
flowers release the scent of summer

To be your only love
scented and waiting for you to arrive

A hesitation sees you turning away
courage to speak the words

You stop, freeze and turn around
a look is enough
for me to know
Your love for me is now enough

The Dinner Party

The dinner party begins
by the shadows of amber candlelight.

Dinner is served to the
sound of a flirty swing and jazz band.

Mad and wild vibes flow
as their manners and decorum vanish.

The band plays wild jazz
as the dinner table begins to vibrate.

The guests and hosts lose
control as the glass starts breaking.

Everyone dances wildly to
the end of everything as the house
collapses around them.