The Hermit

A room sits amongst the trees.
More box, less room; hidden away.

Within the room lives a Hermit
who loves the company of no one,
nothing; only birds, animals, and spirits
give the Hermit joy and sunshine.

A room so big on the inside, and
so small on the outside; a palace.

Around the room, birds flutter and
poop on the skylight. Trees sway to and
fro in time with the seasons, and burrows
hide wombats, possums, plump creatures.

A room sits in amongst the trees.
More palace, less room; hidden away.

The Shore

Mayhem grows as the boat splutters and growls.
Dark plumes escape from the engine.
Something wet touches your foot.
Nothing is left for you to love.
The water is rising fast.

Panic grips your heart.
You consider certain options.
No one will remember your writing.
Dark plumes will be mocked forever.
Mayhem lingers as you swim for the shore.