A Saltwater Love

All or nothing was the lesson;
a love rush blinded my equilibrium

You said to wait a while for love.

So many tides move, and the sea
whispers of the past and the future.

I learnt my lesson with your love.

Yet, the never ending wonder,
will you return to me?

Standing on the sand alone,
the sea whispers new words today.

A kiss on the cheek,
you’re lucky I’m so old;
becoming saltwater with you.

The Cherry Blossoms

And if this is my last Spring,
I will share my Spring with you.

We may talk about the old and the new;
silences will not be unknown to us.

And if the cherry blossoms bloom,
we may watch the way they move.

We may lose ourselves to our love,
thinking back to when we were young.

And if we forget that we are older,
I will dance with you upon the petals.

Metaphysical Thoughts

Do I belong here?
Tugging at the society I live in,
the construct I built for myself

What will I become?
A box of dust to be slowly
as the world keeps turning

Why would I?
Day to day, we see it
all so clearly, yet
humans find a way
to hurt each other

Yes, there is light in the
dark places, yet the
darkness creeps closer

Why go on?
The sound of music tells
me to keep listening,

The desire to treat life
as a gift pushes me forward,
and your love for me

Your love is sunflowers
fresh Turkish Delight

Sunny Love

Licking the inside of my lips
watching the scent of her uncut flowers

Blowing daffodil hair in the breeze

Aching for a kiss, to be kissed
such beauty in the urbanised garden 

Is she the witch from all of those stories?
intensifying scents blur my vision

She moves closer, and closer, and closer
amongst the long grass, I am defenceless 

Gone from the consciousness of the living
she is present, yet there remains nothing else

The natural world appears to be vibrating
I am under her spell, her control
She straddled me and won't let me be free

Alone in the long grass
awake from a dream, or was this reality?
Dishevelled and soaked
my shoes have left me to feel the grass
Birds sing about something
Lipstick kisses on my feet and hands