Caramel Fudge

thefotofilmatic at deviantart

Several city dwellers
kayak along a mysterious river
of rocks and wild things.

They spot a village, and
smell sweets on the breeze
like perfume to their city noses.

Floating on the sweet scent
of something so sensual and seductive,
one by one, they move towards the bank of the river.

Seduced by the smell, in single file,
they arrive at the entrance of the sweets shop
filled with naughty dimpled children fizzing about on high.

Frightened and perplexed,
yet seduced and hungry, they persist through
the beasts to reach the source of their longing.

Salty and sweet, sour and smooth,
this is the window to their longing:
they found the magical fudge made by Mrs B.

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