Used Book Store

Distorted shapes
Deep shadows and patches of light
Lost deep in thought before the rows of books
Touching the covers, reading the spines, looking at the art
Taken from the world outside, finding hidden gems
Hiding in the deep shadows, moving into the light
Hovering around the rare books dreaming of vanilla cake
The distorted shapes seem familiar
Moving to the counter, hesitating and moving back again


Shore gazing,
the cold sea,
a look, a smile, a nod.

Gone within a gaze,
I mistook charm,
wit, and intelligence
for perspicacity.

Swimming in the sea,
I didn’t enter,
you teased me with
the depths.

Pulled under, gone.
Missing, then
washed up on a beach,
you didn’t need
to impress me.

Sorrow is a single bed,
alone with my
thoughts about you and
erased dreams.