A languid feeling persists,
yet I find the strength to arise from the couch.

Pain in places often unseen,
yet you wouldn’t know that I feel this way.

Longing to share my suffering,
yet I don’t want to burden others with illness.

Pretending I can have it all,
yet realising that often it is a struggle to live.

Taking all of the pain and suffering,
yet knowing that there is help along the way.

Something Extra

I had deroofing surgery in my left armpit on Friday, so everything has been up in the air.
Hidradenitis Suppurativa has been a part of my life since I was around 11, yet I didn’t get a proper diagnosis until my mid-30s.
I’m so pleased I found St Vincent’s Hospital Dermatology Unit in Melbourne; they’ve changed my life.
I’m sure I will find inspiration in some random happening or photograph, and I will be back to posting regularly soon.

A Saltwater Love

All or nothing was the lesson;
a love rush blinded my equilibrium

You said to wait a while for love.

So many tides move, and the sea
whispers of the past and the future.

I learnt my lesson with your love.

Yet, the never ending wonder,
will you return to me?

Standing on the sand alone,
the sea whispers new words today.

A kiss on the cheek,
you’re lucky I’m so old;
becoming saltwater with you.