Wild Rain

I wrote this one yesterday.
We have experienced Winter in Spring.
It’s lovely, as the rain is everywhere at the moment, yet the thought of Summer makes me wish for more rain and cold weather.

A rain cloud kind of wild day
Petrichor blew away by the wind

The wild rain calling outside
Placing my empty porcelain cup

The inside smells cannot win
Walking outside to feel the wild rain

Alone in the Eigengrau

Alone in the darkness.
A sheet is no protection from
the monsters lurking unseen.
She squints to see what is absent,
to quiet the fear within.
Alone in the Eigengrau,
waiting for the terror to begin.
Soft unnatural footsteps freeze the fear,
almost stop her heart.
A silent scream fails to break the silence.
The closer it comes.
The closer it comes.
The closer it comes.
The clos-… “Mum”.