The Shore

Mayhem grows as the boat splutters and growls.
Dark plumes escape from the engine.
Something wet touches your foot.
Nothing is left for you to love.
The water is rising fast.

Panic grips your heart.
You consider certain options.
No one will remember your writing.
Dark plumes will be mocked forever.
Mayhem lingers as you swim for the shore.

Your Sun

Standing at the door
to your room, you
are oblivious, her gaze.

Standing, looking at you,
thinking of your hair,
feet, the way you love.

Standing still hoping you
won’t notice the way
she lingers, doubts much.

Standing by the door,
you feel the presence
of your beautiful star.

Standing behind you,
you know she looks at
you with so much love.

Standing there, you pretend
not to notice, to feel
the warmth from your sun.