A Nomadic Heart

A spade and a bucket,
togs and no worries.

Once I was so young,
close or far from the sea.

A travelling heart,
genetically programmed.

Longing for the journey,
dreaming of many lands.

A chance to take a journey,
you tell me you won’t come.

Hoping you would come,
knowing it feels right to go.

Travelling near and far,
many roads and white lines.

A haiku a day for life,
a haiku a day to feel your love.

Sounds of different lands,
the sounds connect memory.

We saw snow-covered peaks,
salty warm seas of aquamarine.

Rainforests with bitey beasts,
and deserts so hot, breathless.

A call from you is a gift,
hoping to see you again soon.

A way of saying you’ve had enough
of my hodophile heart.

Longing for a love we don’t share,
a love I could not see.

I said love is an eternal thing,
you said, ‘come home and be with me’.

I said, ‘I know, love, yet we are worth
the misunderstandings.

I said, ‘only if you promise to come with
me on a journey’.

You said, ‘I don’t understand you, yet…’

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