Little Tragedies

The Blue Window by James Spell (Akyra)

You move through life
weathering the pain and suffering
of many little tragedies.

Misunderstood at work,
you suffer for the sake of a wage,
never to see a promotion.

Held in broad daylight,
your bag ripped from your shoulder
while people are watching;
Grandma’s heirloom was lost forever.

Walking in the afternoon,
the beautiful park full of fluffy animals,
you never had a chance;
bitten by a naughty dog off the leash.

Unfairness at your home,
never fully appreciated and adored,
you sit up into the night,
escaping into other worlds, fantasy.

When the big tragedies
begin, you wonder about the little
tragedies you suffered.
Looking back, you realise the little
tragedies prepared you for this.

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