Another Life

Shadows deepen
Sun flows through the windows
Unable to touch so much
Carpet burnt by the sun in places

If there are ghosts, they are laughing
they’ve seen so many hearts before
The folly of the footsteps lingers
We repeat the customs in different bodies
Death and life take on a cog-like view

Passed down from stone to stone
No women at the helm until now
Wasted spaces on ancient customs
Looks of wonder, some anger

The carpet remains for now
Tattered and dingy in the stuffy places
Cranky vacuums inflict various opinions
Sworn enemies in love for so long

Shadows deepen in the room
A tree from outside wants to sit for tea
Birds flee from the windows
The final curtain closes on another life

Dead flowers litter tables
We will keep them on the stem again
Dad would have been sad
Another set of footsteps lost

Image – Church Cloisters – Atomhawk – DeviantArt

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