My Dying Leaves

My dying leaves
the Autumn of my life
the Winter of what might have been

Maroon leaves crack and crumble in my hands,
dead before I touch them

I long for the place I cannot find,
the leaves know of not of this place I cannot find
Neither do I

Was it from the past or the future?
I cannot find it

The curtain may close before I get the chance

Satie Afternoon

marinating in the afternoon sunshine
wine stained kisses
laughter and French words to impress

running your tongue along your teeth
another kiss from the one you love
an afternoon where eternal love blooms

initials etched into the tree of love,
a coin in the lucky fountain,
a lock on the famous bridge

you needed none of those gestures
now that he tied a piece of string around
the finger connected to your heart

Metaphysical Thoughts

Do I belong here?
Tugging at the society I live in,
the construct I built for myself

What will I become?
A box of dust to be slowly
as the world keeps turning

Why would I?
Day to day, we see it
all so clearly, yet
humans find a way
to hurt each other

Yes, there is light in the
dark places, yet the
darkness creeps closer

Why go on?
The sound of music tells
me to keep listening,

The desire to treat life
as a gift pushes me forward,
and your love for me

Your love is sunflowers
fresh Turkish Delight

Bruised Jazz

A cage of your own making
jumbled maddening sounds
dancing up a storm of anger

Inaccessible to the ones you love
banging and blaming 
yourself against every single wall

Tear-stained mascara tracks
dripping on 
your cheeks, neck, breasts

Tearing at the wallpaper
no hidden text of hope
nor any buried treasure

A victim's marks blotch 
your arms, back, and face

You know it was not your fault,
yet you blame 
and blame and blame yourself.

A mess of limbs, hair and wild eyes
you look to the ceiling, the record 
stops and the rain begins to fall

You let all the shit go.