A Garden Decision

Silenced in the garden from all the
things they could have said, yet didn’t.

A reluctance to accept his proposal left
everyone in sunshine except for her –
she felt the jitters of no love
the pain of forced marriage.

Far off, where land meets the sky, colours
of what is correct will be waiting,
yet they cannot be seen by her eyes;
her vision is too clouded by swirling feelings.

Perceptions of what is real and what is fake
flash fast before or behind her soft eyes.

A call from him jolts her into the present,
as a decision must be made or never
spoken of in hushed or screamed tones.

Looking at the place where the sky meets land,
she sees the colours that matter to her the most;
The colours of something completely different.

So she walks in the opposite direction from
the garden in haste without speaking a word.

To run is the coward’s way,
yet to fight for love requires a clean break
from this garden she loved so much as a child;
she must run so fast,
as the wind moves her onwards to disappear.

Very Short Story: The Fog

Wet feet lightly tiptoe through the chilly grass.

There’s a dreamlike quality to this night as the fog sets into the moonlit garden.

Nadia pauses at a rose. One of those gut feelings tells her to run, but she’s frozen solid as fear grips her tightly.

Moving, she screams as her beloved kitty pops out of the tree and becomes entangled in her nightie.