Broken Pieces

broken and chipped cups
and sauces sit still in a
crate next to your kitchen

as a true bohemian and
lover of broken things, you
embrace Kintsugi.

to you, gold and silver joinery,
no matter the cost, is more
beautiful than any
complete piece.

those broken pieces are
your broken pieces, as you
mend the sorrows of your life.
crying over a piece, you forget
yourself and reach for the kettle.

the Wildflower Tea of your
sorrow flows into your cup, yet
the hot water and steam turns
sorrow into sweetness, as you
sip from a cup of sparrows.

Dust Collectors

She read widely about minimalism and how joy-filled a home with little.

She loved blue and white porcelain so, but it sat in her house behind glass.

Something changed as she listened to doom metal – an understanding.

Something had to be done with the porcelain that irked her so.

She lined the porcelain teapots, cups, and saucers in front of the speakers.

She took a breath, blasted the porcelain with doom metal and watched them dance.

Beloved porcelain is no more, but oh, how entertaining it was.