Lie to Me

Edvard Munch – Two Humans

Let’s pretend you are a king who must marry a queen. Then pretend I am that queen, and you agree to marry me. Lie to me and tell me you’d be happy.

Let’s pretend I’m a Baroness, and you are a pauper who falls in love with me. Then pretend that I run away with you, leaving everything behind. Shall I lie to you and tell you a Baroness would marry a pauper and leave it all behind?

Let’s pretend you’d love to raise a family with someone like me no matter the consequences, no matter how hard the road would be. Lie to me and tell me this wouldn’t break you and me.

Let’s pretend I lost my mind. Then pretend you had a choice between caging me within four walls or helping me with understanding and kindness. Lie to me and tell me you would help me.

Let’s pretend that you found a younger woman. Then pretend you asked me to step aside and leave our love behind. Lie to me and tell me that this would hurt you more than me.

Let’s pretend that I am perfect, just like you. Let us argue all day and compare all our merits. Lie to me and tell me you’d love to be with that version of me.

Let’s pretend that you and I are old. When the time comes, you step in and do what you think is right. Lie to me and tell me you know what I want.

Let’s pretend you died in a car crash and left me alone. Would you sit in heaven or burn in hell waiting for me, or would you move on? Lie to me and tell me that you know.

Let’s pretend that all the water under the bridge flows along. Then pretend that all the things we did to each other don’t matter. Lie to me and tell me you can forgive and forget.

Let’s pretend we never met. Then pretend we lived separate lives and never knew each other. Lie to me and tell me that life would not have been better.

Let’s come back to the present. Then discard letting ourselves pretend. Promise me you will never lie to me, and I will promise you I will never lie to you; let’s pretend.