A Sausage of Feelings

You bought a sausage maker. It sat in the cupboard for a decade. Then, one day, I decided to make sausages.

I remember how young we were when you bought the machine. Were we in our late 20’s?  Yes, I think so.

Waists were smaller then, minds were less clouded, hearts less broken, and hope brighter.

I stood before the sausage maker and thought that if I could make the perfect sausage for you it would contain the following ingredients:

one part happiness

one part hope

one part kindness

one part worth

one part 1000 echo’s from the sea

one part the essence of 100 sunsets and sunrises

one part 1000 snowflake feels

one part the essence of 100 people laughing loud

Then I would present it to you, ask you to eat it, and then ask you to look at yourself in the mirror. I would ask you, “What do you really see?” I hope you would see the person you really are; my sweet bear.


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