Killer Tea Cosy

Visions of killer tea cosies haunt your tea making experience. Every night since Thursday, you dreamt of animal, building, and flower tea cosies leaping off teapots, then chasing you down and snuffing out your life.

It’s been so long since you tasted tea; why it’s only been one hour. Desperate to feed your addiction, you shake too many leaves into the teapot.

It’s all wrong!” you shout as your favourite tea cosy waves at you.

One With the Seat

Your fancy porcelain throne
has stood the test of time.

A safe haven from your nagging love,
where a zen calm resets your soul.

You sit upon the throne looking at memes
and giggling uncontrollably.

A knock at the door shatters your zen
calm, and you look startled.

Your love peeks in to remind you there’s
a boring lunch on soon.

You say something pleasant, and the eye
rolling from your love begins.

The door doesn’t close properly, and the
zen moment has passed.

You let the trumpet play a wild tune, then give
your sweet porcelain pot a pat.

The thought of being one with the seat again
makes you smile.

The Sunflowers

We’re the rebels in your backyard
your sweet-smelling clean closet.

Off they come from that clothesline
we’re takin’ ’em from your hills hoists.

See us as we fuck with your day while breaking
a beat or two as we dance and move.

There’s nowhere for you to hide your
sun-kissed clothes as we pack ’em up.

We’re the morning-fresh sunflowers
switchblades of the badass suburbs.