Waiting for You

The world isn’t meant for the weak, but am I that strong?

I see you in another land with a pink smile and shining eyes, yet is that you in there?

Sitting at home looking at the mould on the walls and feeling the cold chill that seeps through, I think of my place in society, my poverty.

Yet, when I look out the window, I see the Highlands calling. The streams and mountains call from somewhere ancient to tell me it will be alright.

As I look at the mirror black, I see a face I barely recognise staring back;
yet there’s familiarity in those eyes and those lips.

Undecided yet hopeful, I run outside and leg it towards the hills.

It’s not awful to run, but the sky is so beautiful and grey today.

I wonder when you’ll find me standing by a bin in some random street waiting to touch you again.

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