A Million Desert Stars

You stand by a lighthouse smiling warmly.
The Faroe Islands have awakened your words.
You say to me that it may be our home soon.

The desert doesn’t feel rain from a grey sky often.
The sea is a dream for the people of the red earth.
The desert doesn’t understand why you say, “leave.”

I love lighthouses and the many ways of the sea.
The Faroe Islands excites me, yet not with you.
I picture myself alone, looking towards the sea.

You stood with me in the desert under no moon.
A million desert stars lit the sky and my heart.
You stood with me to tell me you were leaving.

I will remember the sea and the colour of your eyes;
Such an adventurous soul with a great love for denial.
I will take my love for you and bury it in the desert.

The desert knew what the sea felt like long ago.
I will feel the sea flow through my heart again.
You can have the sea for now until it takes you.

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