Ghostly Glimmer

Michael Brack – Withered Roses

Cold untilled soil,
an overgrown garden full of weeds,
blooming roses,
an atmosphere heavy and mournful.

An empty house
unlived in for many, many moons.
Decaying walls;
unloved, dusty and abandoned.

Eerie sounds
once sound of laughter, happiness.
Dark shadows,
lurking horrors and unsolved truths.

A vacant owner,
unwilling to return to the family home.
She lingers alone;
he hides alone so far from their home.

Through a prison window,
light falls on a room with dead roses.
Her favourite vase untouched,
roses she loved sit cobwebbed, dead.

A ghostly glimmer;
faceless, loveless, she stands alone.
Unbroken connection,
she cannot leave the place she loves.

Unsolved truths,
bound to this house by his untruths.
Unable to move on,
chained to this lonely torment waiting.

A coward disguised,
his fear of her spectre haunts his nights.
Provocative heart,
her resolve to linger touches his days.

She waits for him,
lingering within what was the family home.
She waits for him
to bring the son she loves so much home.

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