Satie Afternoon

marinating in the afternoon sunshine
wine stained kisses
laughter and French words to impress

running your tongue along your teeth
another kiss from the one you love
an afternoon where eternal love blooms

initials etched into the tree of love,
a coin in the lucky fountain,
a lock on the famous bridge

you needed none of those gestures
now that he tied a piece of string around
the finger connected to your heart

Ochre Afternoon

The blind moves as the breeze flow through the window; I can see the change sun rays make on my skin, as my arms colour and look like desert sand.
The sun casts strong rays across the backyard, as the cobwebs move and drift between grass, weeds, the fence, and the bees dance on the weed flowers.
A song from the crickets, birds, a few flies, and the next-door neighbour’s air-conditioner puts my mind to sleep, as I soak up the last sunlight of the day.
A change in tempo is on the breeze, as the afternoon drifts into twilight, and the time for sweet soft days of washing going stiff on the line comes to an end.
The heat of the day is turning into the warmth of another ending, another night; I won’t miss what I no longer have on this sunlit day, for the night is bright.
One song is coming to an end and another song is ready to begin, so I fight with the pegs and the stiff washing: waiting for the first fresh Autumn day.