Kintsugi Heart

Something of the seawater flows through
the human sitting on the chair writing.

Something of sadness flows through the
seawater as your arteries unclog and flow
clean again after so many lost loved ones.

Shimmering colours of the sea move before
you, filling your empty places and making
you whole until you no longer have cracks.

More beautiful than before, you
have been touched by Kintsugi.

Flaws once a burden to you become your
beauty and set you apart from the others.

Broken Pieces

Broken and chipped cups
and sauces sit still in a
crate next to your kitchen

As a true bohemian and
lover of broken things, you
embrace Kintsugi.

To you, gold and silver joinery,
no matter the cost is more
beautiful than any
complete piece.

Those broken pieces are
your broken pieces, as you
mend the sorrows of your life.

Crying over a piece, you forget
yourself and reach for the kettle.

The Wildflower Tea of your
sorrow flows into your cup, yet
the hot water and steam turns
sorrow into sweetness, as you
sip from your cup of sparrows.