Kiss of Time

Photos of your world.
You stand in a snow-covered forest,
with a stillness not found in my summer.
In those photos, the kiss of time moves slower,
for the kiss of time moves faster in the heat of summer.
I find myself longing for the winter, yet I need the summer;
without summer, there is no winter; without spring, there is no autumn.
Without the kiss of time, there would be no time for us.
Our impermanence would be permanence.
Our beauty and wonder would never be so lovely.
Our hearts would beat something other than blood,
as we grow colder every hundred years or so.

A Rainbow on your leg…

A friend showed me a photo on Instagram of a tanned person with a dog. The person dressed in Boho clothing with a peace sign and a rainbow painted on her leg.

My friend showed me the image and gave me the words, “A rainbow on your leg but nothing in your heart”, so I could write a poem.

This poem is a collection of my impressions of the image and the quote.