Ashes and Angst

We were kind, and we were good,
for our lives were not very good when we were younger.

Rumours of wars and postulating,
for we were never calm enough to say there was no fear.

The old stories from long ago,
old tales recent enough now that we are older and wiser.

Buying a colourful apartment,
for we were going to begin our eternity linked in this place.

We loved for a few years here,
the prospect of a miracle on the horizon quite soon, you say.

The morning snow fell heavy,
for we now had the perfect excuse to stay in bed all day.

Entwined in a warm embrace,
for we could feel something terrible would soon arrive.

The ashes and angst to come;
we would not be part of the atrocities our country faced.

We lay together in this place,
for we never felt death touch us in our linked eternity.

Anchored to the Shore

Anchored to the shore,
sitting still and afraid to swim for the horizon.

Out there in the blue,
there is a place for everyone out in the blue.

Remaining anchored to the shore,
never seeing and feeling the differences.

Here there is no growth,
so courageously, you pull up the anchor.

Free, you start to swim,
the feeling of freedom and exploration.