A Saltwater Love

All or nothing was the lesson;
a love rush blinded my equilibrium

You said to wait a while for love.

So many tides move, and the sea
whispers of the past and the future.

I learnt my lesson with your love.

Yet, the never ending wonder,
will you return to me?

Standing on the sand alone,
the sea whispers new words today.

A kiss on the cheek,
you’re lucky I’m so old;
becoming saltwater with you.

By the Sea

Palm trees sway
coconuts dance
beads of water
on the glass

soft waves move
towards the sand

a box jellyfish
washes up
on the shore

when we were young
there were so many shells
and the jellyfish were many

when we were young
it was only a nightmare
to see what would come

sadness sets in
shells replaced with rubbish
no box jellyfish, only dead crabs

The Canvas

Strokes of madness.
Coral dreams; caves below the surface
of the sea reveal the hidden depths of you.

What was to be one now seems to be another.

The paint won’t quit.
Strokes compel you to go on.
Who is in control? The artist or the art?

The music moves you, and
the paint moves in original ways.

The sea calls, coral dreams come together,
and you have a painting worthy of yourself.