A Divide

You were all about those pretty pools
filtered into oblivion on social media.

I preferred violent seas, as the sound
of waves crashing made me feel alive.

You could never understand those
violent seas and I could never understand
your love for pretty pools in paradise.

I stood on the shore of a storm raging
sea while you watched from a pretty pool;
I walked into the sea and found home.

Drifting Away

A sea smell drifts across the street, into my room, and I am called towards the waves.
Drifting along with my favourite thongs and my togs, off I float away.
The sea sounds sing a song of waves, boats, humans, and the thrill of another day.
Dipping a toe, then a foot, then my whole I am lost in amongst waves.

The Shore

Mayhem grows as the boat splutters and growls.
Dark plumes escape from the engine.
Something wet touches your foot.
Nothing is left for you to love.
The water is rising fast.

Panic grips your heart.
You consider certain options.
No one will remember your writing.
Dark plumes will be mocked forever.
Mayhem lingers as you swim for the shore.