Shore gazing,
the cold sea,
a look, a smile, a nod.

Gone within a gaze,
I mistook charm,
wit, and intelligence
for perspicacity.

Swimming in the sea,
I didn’t enter,
you teased me with
the depths.

Pulled under, gone.
Missing, then
washed up on a beach,
you didn’t need
to impress me.

Sorrow is a single bed,
alone with my
thoughts about you and
erased dreams.

Red Boat

From the shore
a solitary boat
lingers defiantly.

Out there, you will be
painting the horizon
with your thoughts.

Here, with me, you’ll
spin poems and tales
showing me what you
want and love to see.

From the shore
a solitary boat
lingers no more.

Your red boat was lost
to the sea, your stories
were taken from me,
and your love lost at sea.