Standing on the Shore

A wave breaks the sadness
you feel looking at the sea.

Young hearts shouldn’t hurt like
yours hurts under a perfect sky.

Another wave crashes into
many pieces of aquamarine;
water gems breaking and
moving back into the sea.

You take a false step forward,
not grasping the consequences.

A wave misses the target,
failing to deliver the blow.

Your heart moves you to stay,
so you remain standing
on the shore, heart-pounding;
shivering at the thought of
what could have been:
you, the aquamarines,
the sea none the wiser.

Aurora Lights

Lights play tricks on my eyes.
Tired, I see colours and shapes.

Your moon has gone from the sky,
leaving only the stars to haunt me.

I wait for your moon to return
in the silence of cold nights sleeping,
dreaming of piano keys playing a song
as we spin wildly around a Chateau
with no furniture to obstruct our moves.

The lights play tricks on my eyes.
Tired, I thought I saw you in the corner.

The Winds

Winds from the south blow over the hills, to move the paper around my room.
My poetry journal ribbon moves, as the cold wind makes it flutter and dance.
Green hills seem so close, yet they are so far away for I am locked tightly inside.
To the hills, I look hoping the cold winds will blow all the hatred from my heart.
Then the rain starts to show, and the window to the outside must be closed.
My poetry journal ribbon does not move to the beat of the wind anymore.
So, I stand up straight and walk into the rain and the wind so I can feel it all.
I say to the winds, “Promise me this. Promise me that you will take my heart, make it cold, and blow your love through me.”