Red Cedars

Seated at the window watching
the way snow falls on red cedars.

Night crept up too quickly,
as the days shorten to hours.

You are never far from my mind
as your tree grows taller, redder.

Snow covers our world of love,
and the red cedars stand tall,

and the red cedars stand tall;

they are a reminder of the blood
and the way you passed from light.

Seated at the window watching the
way snow falls on what was our love.

Missing Melbourne

Winter 2019 at the corner of Collins Street and King Street, Melbourne.

You walked in the busy city, stopping to wait for the right light.
A quick snap below of what’s above, reminds you of Winter’s day.

Looking back, you stare at the image of Melbourne town.
There is a silent way about the grey; a stillness in the sky.

Perhaps you will again see Melbourne moving on a winter’s day.

Young and Foolish

Lips of rose, powdered ivory cheeks,
dark long hair moving as she moved,
eyes of violet ice, mitten coal hands.

She was a flower in full bloom dancing
for freedom on the lake that snowy day.

I was only a young, foolish boy, watching
the way she moved, captivated, knowing.

Lips of rose turned white, ivory cheeks froze,
dark long hair became still, her eyes closed,
the mittens no longer danced in the snow.

I fled from her stillness, forever running from
that beautiful face I never stopped to love.