A Sign

This life I built
is falling away
from me today

Another disappointment
What does the universe want?
Why am I here?

I look to the clear heavens
blue is only an illusion
as is my desire for success

to give up seems like defeat
yet the battle is not mine to win
unless it is the battle for me

a sign would be comforting
the universe works in mysterious ways
a bird narrowly misses shitting on me

not all is lost under the turning grey
as the rain begins to fall
and the beginning and the end meet

Satie Afternoon

marinating in the afternoon sunshine
wine stained kisses
laughter and French words to impress

running your tongue along your teeth
another kiss from the one you love
an afternoon where eternal love blooms

initials etched into the tree of love,
a coin in the lucky fountain,
a lock on the famous bridge

you needed none of those gestures
now that he tied a piece of string around
the finger connected to your heart

By the Sea

Palm trees sway
coconuts dance
beads of water
on the glass

soft waves move
towards the sand

a box jellyfish
washes up
on the shore

when we were young
there were so many shells
and the jellyfish were many

when we were young
it was only a nightmare
to see what would come

sadness sets in
shells replaced with rubbish
no box jellyfish, only dead crabs