Very Short Story: Home Office

A cool breeze moves through me, touches my skin, and moves me to feel the chill of the air.

I must stop for a few moments; work has become omnipresent, and nature calls me to feel.

Scents linger from outside and inside; I sniff the air in wonder and admiration for prosperity.

A dog keeps barking down the hill; I hear the illegal rooster telling everyone how annoying the chickens can be.

Tanka: Pink Files

Pink files surround me,
humidity on the breeze,
the overcast sky.
Sitting at my desk feeling
the winds of change are flowing.

My Week

At present, we are waiting for the humidity to break. I hope for the Autumn change to arrive.

I’ve been surrounded by pink files all week. You don’t know the stress involved in Property Law and Conveyancing until you experience the work.

It has been an intense week, which usually leaves me with nothing left by Friday night.

Add watching the war crimes in Ukraine, and I’m ready to leave my computer for a while and lay down.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and read my words.


A crisp lightness fills the spaces and brings a glimpse of spring to the winter day. I have nothing but you and my pain, which starts my mind racing.

A flimsy love between two independent souls both long for the rain to wash their sadness away; Two souls haunted by their fear of failure, not being the favoured child, and living with their desire for perfection.

If we didn’t need money in this capitalistic hell, we would be free to be ourselves.

I’m on the train now going to ruin my life again, but I have you through the ages: you and me against the world, ready to live once again.