The Gardening Competition

The table arranged,
the teapot is in place,
and the teacups look cute.

An assortment of biscuits
wait for the guests to arrive;
the cake rises on its own.

The tea cosy remains quiet
waiting for the jug to boil,
tea leaves, milk, sugar,
and the sweet teapot.

Another tablecloth will
not do, as this one is from
Hungary, blue and white.

The clash of decor is
bohemian, yet the scene
is set for afternoon tea.

Like silk on their lips, the
Japanese Butter Cake
turns minds to putty.

That afternoon she found
out all the gossip, then set
the pieces into place
for the garden competition.

Afternoon Tea

We sit together for tea
with cups, saucers and
the old willow teapot.

The afternoon sun moves
closer to the end
as the chatter moves on.

Wishing wells and time
come to mind for
many unknown reasons.

The teapot empties
staying that way for a while;
we continue appearances.

A sound from the teapot;
no, this must be a mistake.
The teapot becomes a shell
and, the music of the sea plays.

No one else seems to notice
the teapot, playing songs.

She’s calling me to her side;
I decide to visit the sea
and ask her for her hand.