Finding a Friend

Out there in the forest,
running from herself;
determined to hide from him,
even if her teeth rot out of her head.

She will not yield.

Crying alone in the forest;
a wolf appears in the distance
and she is caught off guard.

The tears stop.
She is lost in the fur of a hug and a kiss.

Found, she stands up and walks away;
for so much of her life, she ran from herself.

Now she walks with a friend.

The man with no heart can rot in hell.

Anchored: The Wolf and the Man

My mane is unbrushed and dirty,
there’s no snow for me to roll in.

My matted mane disgusts me;
once I was snow-covered, clean.

You saw me padding in the snow;
paw-prints, fur shaking, a look.

You caught me in your embrace,
free to be, yet anchored to you.

My soul remains free,
yet the cage you gave me is cosy.

I will stay if you take me back to
the snow, brush my mane clean,
and say the words you must say.