A Life in Strings

Born from silence on the vibration of little strings your young life gathers tempo.

Childhood days by the pool become teenage nights by the sea.

The notes of life flow through you and gather pace, as the wind whispers of love’s first blush.

Feelings set in on the vibration of louder strings, then gather momentum as the notes move into place.

Love takes over, becoming so loud that your heart might explode.

Then it’s gone: You know what it is to be an adult now.

Sadness sets in as the strings slow down and you learn to pull yourself apart.

Then the notes of life gather pace, and you wish for the sea to dash you against the rocks, for your heart might explode.

Pain moves along the strings, as thoughts of darkness and light ebb and flow.

Now you know who you are, as the strings soften and life gathers pace.

Then the strings grow so loud. You can’t understand what the vibrations mean, as you struggle against the tide and the sea holds your heart.

You see him standing there. You’ve never felt this way. Your whole heart of strings vibrates, for you have found your soulmate.