Killer Tea Cosy

Visions of killer tea cosies haunt your tea making experience. Every night since Thursday, you dreamt of animal, building, and flower tea cosies leaping off teapots, then chasing you down and snuffing out your life.

It’s been so long since you tasted tea; why it’s only been one hour. Desperate to feed your addiction, you shake too many leaves into the teapot.

It’s all wrong!” you shout as your favourite tea cosy waves at you.

Deceptive Lover

A deceptive lover,
Debonair, rich;
all the qualities
so many want.

An afternoon rendezvous.
Stars in your eyes;
no need to feel the
alarm bells ringing.

At your home,
in the garden;
watching the
twilight become night.

As the sun fades,
you notice changes;
no longer the person
you expected, wanted.

As the knife falls,
shock fills you;
so much blood
on your precious flowers.