Killer Tea Cosy

Visions of killer tea cosies haunt your tea making experience. Every night since Thursday, you dreamt of animal, building, and flower tea cosies leaping off teapots, then chasing you down and snuffing out your life.

It’s been so long since you tasted tea; why it’s only been one hour. Desperate to feed your addiction, you shake too many leaves into the teapot.

It’s all wrong!” you shout as your favourite tea cosy waves at you.

The Tea Cosy & The Poet

A teapot, cup, saucer, and a tea cosy;
a proper brew alone, with my thoughts,
pen, paper, the noise from construction.

The warmth of the cup in my hands,
then the utter contempt from the cat;
I am so blessed to be alive today.

I consider writing a poem about an
egg beater having a philosophical
conversation with a Tupperware bowl.

Having written about flying moustaches,
and the contents of the kitchen cupboards,
I wonder if I should do it all again.

Something moves, as I look up wondering;
the cat is sprawled legs to the sky,
there’s no one about and no movement.

Suddenly, the tea cosy begins to move;
the cat does not stir, and there are no signs
my cup will collide with the saucer, table.

Calm as a Wombat, I sit staring at Mum’s
tea cosy as it moves off the teapot, into
the air then begins to dance mockingly.

Full of feelings, the fly swat is handy,
so I take it and swat the tea cosy about;
there’s no end in sight. It won’t stop.

Crushing my feelings, I sit down, pour
another cup of tea, pick up my pen
and begin to write about the tea cosy.

I look up. The tea cosy hugs
the teapot lovingly, and I have inspiration;
I must find more of those tea leaves.

Tea Cosy Revolution

I own this book, which is my inspiration for this poem.

Once creative, free dreaming,
imagining, laughing, living,
being weird, looking at sheds.

The Palette of humanity was full of colours;
some beautiful and cashed up,
others odd and different, many dark and awful.

The Palette of Colours was the make-up
of human beings and their emotions.
The who they were, not just clinical notions.

Now humans hold an empty Palette devoid of colours.
There is only black and white;
Humans don’t even know how to find the grey.

When a number discovered a Tea Cosy,
no one knew what it was.
They didn’t understand the colours,
yet they were moved, and something changed.

The Tea Cosy was taken and studied in secret;
So began the filling of the human Palette with colours,
and the Great Tea Cosy Revolution.