Dull City

Different lights move
to create a new mood in the city
you once thought dull.

You step along dreaming
of what could have been in
an imaginary world of bliss.

The lights and the atmosphere; change
again as you look,
then you hear the music overtake your senses.

You forget about the imaginary place
you live in as you miss so much,
then you feel the sounds;

you see the city for what it is,
and it is a revelation to you,
your senses,
your set aesthetics.

Changing Landscapes

The vision is not that of the city;
Those lights do not shine here.

Instead, there are hills of green;
A cow moose in the distance.

At night the darkness is quiet
as the rain touches the structure.

I thought I’d miss your charms,
thinking of all the things I could do.

Yet, when I lived as one of you,
I never did most of the things I could do.

Tempted to become a hermit,
I resist with both hands stretched out.

Yet, in my heart, there is turmoil,
for I didn’t come from the concreted hustle.

I’ve felt the land for most of my life,
yet I’ve resisted the call every single time.

Looking towards the rain covered green;
it might be time to embrace my truth;
I’m not so in love with the city as I once thought I was.