Where have our dreams gone?

Night turns to day,
Day turns to night.
Night and Day become
meaningless states of being.

Insomnia takes hold,
a cursed Monday child;
the moon loves them so.

Writing in the cold and quiet
night where dreams once lived.
Where have our dreams gone?
Dreams have taken over the Day.

Deconstructed horrors, terrible acts,
death and torture, our daily drugs.

Gorging on nightmares through the day,
wishing for dreams to stay in the night-
Far away.

The Fog

Wet feet lightly tiptoe through the chilly grass.

There’s a dreamlike quality to this night, as the fog sets into the moonlit garden.

Nadia pauses at a rose. One of those gut feeling tells her to run, but she’s frozen solid as fear grips her tightly.

Moving, she screams as her beloved kitty pops out of the tree and becomes entangled in her nightie.