My Flower

Where pinks and blues once
painted the scene, now
a set of greys have moved
in to silence the mood.

The evidence no longer exists,
unless science and meticulous
scrutiny set to work in this place.

When the flowers bloomed,
the life came back to this place
and the bloom in her cheeks was
the shade of soft sunflowers.

The evidence of her existence
lives in my mind alone;
her beauty will forever remain unchanged by time,
for I killed her in this place, and I buried
her many pieces in amongst the different flowers;

she will forever be my
many-flowered girl,
and I will cherish the love
we will always share.

The Red Flower

You are far from me
Yet you are so close to me
Your hand touches me
Yet you are continents away
I saw you that day we connected
I was inside your head
Your alarm was mine
Yet you embraced our special gift
I know your thoughts, and you mine
It was the fates playing
You’re with me until the Fates know
Yet I love you being here
I touch you with my lips to your heart
It turned our spirits alight
You showed me the red flower
Yet you never said a word
I vowed to meet you in a week
It was the happiest words
You agreed to meet me in a week
Your happiness ripples
I cannot speak
It is done