City Dark

I dreamed of us walking through the Melbourne streets.
The city was dark. All the people walked around with candles of different shapes and sizes.
We shared a candle and watched the way all the candlelight shapes moved on the building walls.
You and I never felt so free in the ambience of no electricity, yet the city never looked so beautiful.
There was no coffee to drink, no sweets to eat, no food to feast, so we stood for a while looking at the Yarra River.
Thousands of people with candles moved along the river, over the bridges, and into the night.
We used our dying phone charge to take photos of this beautiful night.
When we awoke, the photos on our phones were all blank. You couldn’t erase the, “I love you” that escaped your lips.

Be my Pavlova

‘I love you like I love Pavlova. Will you be my Pavlova?’

‘Do you want me to be fruity and frisky? I’ll give you a double mango and a double strawberry surprise.’


‘First, let me sweep you off your feet.’

‘What!? Don’t you drop me!’

‘Oh no, you’re heavy.’


‘Stopping flapping your legs.’

Where have our dreams gone?

Night turns to day,
Day turns to night.
Night and Day become
meaningless states of being.

Insomnia takes hold,
a cursed Monday child;
the moon loves them so.

Writing in the cold and quiet
night where dreams once lived.
Where have our dreams gone?
Dreams have taken over the Day.

Deconstructed horrors, terrible acts,
death and torture, our daily drugs.

Gorging on nightmares through the day,
wishing for dreams to stay in the night-
Far away.

Lighthouse,Wickie, Sailor, & Sea

Towering, wise and stoic, The Lighthouse remains whole
Standing, waiting, watching, keeping sailor and sea secrets
Towering, remaining whole, until its’ light touches the sea
Standing, wary, unwaveringly calm, watching the ships

The sea, wise and cunning, knows the ways of sailors
Pillaging, profiting, putrefying, destroying the soul of the sea
The sea, calm, experienced, wait until storms begin
Pillaging, foolish, unwise, sailors ignore the weight of the wind

The Lighthouse, alive and well, begins shining light on the sea
A Wickie, solitary, brave, sturdy and comfortably alone
The Lighthouse, guided, independent, saves the ship from harm
A Wickie, thankful, shy, talks to The Lighthouse, friend

Sailors, changed and silent, know the power of the sea
A ship, trusted, tailored, obeys the sailors for fear of the rocks
Sailors, grateful and smiling, thank Wickie and Lighthouse
A ship, tired, tall, sails into the storm and onto the cold shore

Towering and standing wisely on the cliff, The Lighthouse
Sailors thank the Lighthouse and respect the old sea
The Wickie knows The Lighthouse and the sailors’ hearts
The ship feels forgotten until the sea splashes her