Hidden underneath,
yet glimpses of those
eyes, lips, hair, beauty.

Before me, she stands,
a marble statue forever
etched into my memories.

Thoughts of Catholicism
from childhood days
burn through my heart.

Burning candles, flowers,
the smoke of incense,
her ecstasy on my skin.

A wanting, like a Giovanni
Strazza, as the pew bends,
candles flicker, vision fades.

Still Life

Sitting and standing,
painting a still life of fruit.

The right light moves in today. Fruits
once alive become immortal on the
canvas, as part of their being, will
forever live in the paint, the brush.

A calm moves through the studio, as
this place has the right feeling today.

In the last stroke taken, the canvas is
something new;
pieces of fruit falling from an
unknown place in the sea.