I heard you say

The night is coming by Kismuki (Deviant Art)

Etched wooden chairs,
a French polished dining table,
ambient candle lights.

Beyond the dining room
your mind plays on your fears,
the shadows shift, move.

Petrified of the shadows,
a child too young to understand,
darkness frightened you.

Enlightened by knowledge,
you face the shadows fearlessly,
never taking a wrong step.

A touch along your neck,
terror has a name you remember,
you run out into the night.

A windless cold night,
movement within the front trees,
illogical ways of nature.

Those etched chairs,
your father died on one of those,
too long ago, father.

A whisper on the wind,
something I heard you say long ago,
“my darling daughter”.

The Colours

There’s a way with the clouds today. As night approaches, the sky paints with the hues of grey, white, blues and pinks.

Anna never gets used to the sky colours, for those colours make her feel old and new things, dark and light things.

The sea is out over the cliffs. Tonight it’s still, which is an odd feeling. Although cool, there’s this mist hovering. “How peculiar”, Anna thinks, “It’s probably nothing.

Walking into the house sends a strange chill down her spine. Something’s changed, but not for the better. The light doesn’t help.

Anna mutters in reassurance to only herself, “I’m not scared. It’s nothing. No one can hurt me now. Not now…

The rattling begins soft, then gets louder. It’s as if the house has taken on a life of its own.

Anna screams inwardly, for the words no longer escape her lips. Terror grips her heart and then crushes her lungs.

Struggling through, she sees three ladies standing before her in a 1920’s dress. Their faces sneer and laugh as they pull her forward. The rattling starts again, they laugh at her, the rattling comes in louder waves, they smash her head against the wall and the rattling echoes.

Anna asks, “Where am I now?

In unison, the ladies playfully answer, “You’re with us now whether you like it or not.