Alone with thoughts of the wolves, the forest and the way her body bent and bowed last night as he moved to the beat of a silent drum, she thinks of primitive sexual delights.

Tarella is swept into his world with such force that Matthew finds it hard to understand what the day will bring.

It was just a look at the club. There was not meant to be a connection, yet it happened, and now he is hooked.

Being with her flesh, bending their bodies together, biting her flesh, the way she pressed her thighs together in anticipation of what she called “the second coming“, and the beating of her Viking heart all cast a spell that they cannot break.

Still thinking of her, he is roused from daydreaming dark pleasures to a knock on the door. He thinks, “Who could be here tonight? I wonder if it’s Tarella? I wonder if my very thoughts willed her here?

Unable to think clearly, Matthew pads to the door with a carefree lightness and opens the door to find the wild and beautiful Tarella. “What is it about her teeth that are different?” he wonders.

“”Hello. I wasn’t expecting you. would you like me to cook something?

You have to ask me to come in, Matthew…, you know it’s only polite to do so…“.

Matthew falters, then denies his gut is on point, “Please come in, Tarella…“.

She steps across the threshold, and they kiss. “I was wrong to think anything was wrong. She is so beautiful and so lovely, yet there’s this feeling…“.

A sudden pain grips him tight as his mind screams, “It’s only her teeth in my neck! She wants me. Wait, what the fuck?

He breaks free from her bloodied lips to run for the cleaver, but her grip is crushing the life from his body. She sinks her teeth into his neck again, and life falls from him as the world goes cold and foggy.

In the darkness, he emerges cold and wired. He struggles to think, “It was a terrible dream. So close, yet I’m alive, yet…“.

Tarella smiles her sweet smile and says, “Hello, my love…now you’re just like me…“.

Matthew’s cold heart fails to beat. He whispers, “What have you done?

You’re a vampire now, you idiot! Get over it, and come play with me…“.

The Colours

There’s a way with the clouds today. As night approaches, the sky paints with the hues of grey, white, blues and pinks.

Anna never gets used to the sky colours, for those colours make her feel old and new things, dark and light things.

The sea is out over the cliffs. Tonight it’s still, which is an odd feeling. Although cool, there’s this mist hovering. “How peculiar”, Anna thinks, “It’s probably nothing.

Walking into the house sends a strange chill down her spine. Something’s changed, but not for the better. The light doesn’t help.

Anna mutters in reassurance to only herself, “I’m not scared. It’s nothing. No one can hurt me now. Not now…

The rattling begins soft, then gets louder. It’s as if the house has taken on a life of its own.

Anna screams inwardly, for the words no longer escape her lips. Terror grips her heart and then crushes her lungs.

Struggling through, she sees three ladies standing before her in a 1920’s dress. Their faces sneer and laugh as they pull her forward. The rattling starts again, they laugh at her, the rattling comes in louder waves, they smash her head against the wall and the rattling echoes.

Anna asks, “Where am I now?

In unison, the ladies playfully answer, “You’re with us now whether you like it or not.