A Nomadic Heart

A spade and a bucket,
togs and no worries.

Once I was so young,
close or far from the sea.

A travelling heart,
genetically programmed.

Longing for the journey,
dreaming of many lands.

A chance to take a journey,
you tell me you won’t come.

Hoping you would come,
knowing it feels right to go.

Travelling near and far,
many roads and white lines.

A haiku a day for life,
a haiku a day to feel your love.

Sounds of different lands,
the sounds connect memory.

We saw snow-covered peaks,
salty warm seas of aquamarine.

Rainforests with bitey beasts,
and deserts so hot, breathless.

A call from you is a gift,
hoping to see you again soon.

A way of saying you’ve had enough
of my hodophile heart.

Longing for a love we don’t share,
a love I could not see.

I said love is an eternal thing,
you said, ‘come home and be with me’.

I said, ‘I know, love, yet we are worth
the misunderstandings.

I said, ‘only if you promise to come with
me on a journey’.

You said, ‘I don’t understand you, yet…’

North Star

A snow-covered forest full of silent trees,
listening to the sounds of unseen things.

A desire for quiet in the deafening silence,
as lockdown takes its toll on the mind, body.

A snow-covered forest on a clear night,
wandering alone in search of wolves, bears;
searching for yourself in the quiet night.

A sense of constrained longing for travel,
as dreams of places take your mind away.

A snow-covered forest with your wolves,
sleeping on the forest floor dreaming;
connecting with the forest and the spirits.

A sense of peace fills you with new energy,
as you reconnect with the seen and unseen.

A snow-covered forest with your soul-mate,
walking in the snow together without words;
looking at the North Star and the soft lights.

Your Extreme Ironing Nature

Your passion for extremes has always given me a sense of excitement and this newfound energy. I got caught up in your adventurous nature, that dark curly hair, and those sparkly eyes.

I never understood why your ironing basket was always empty, why you had those strange contraptions hooked on to your ironing board, and why you always took so much care of that ironing board.

I began to question our love, for you would sneak away and then return unkempt and exhausted. What were you doing? Did you find someone else to touch and tingle?

Then one day, out of the blue, you took me into your world and showed me your soul. You showed me how much you love to go on adventures, how to conduct extreme ironing in exotic locations, why adventures together are better than adventures alone, and why power points never seem close when you are so far away.

We continue to embrace your ironing board until this day. We have photographs on our walls of that ironing board, you and me.