Standing on the Shore

A wave breaks the sadness
you feel looking at the sea.

Young hearts shouldn’t hurt like
yours hurts under a perfect sky.

Another wave crashes into
many pieces of aquamarine;
water gems breaking and
moving back into the sea.

You take a false step forward,
not grasping the consequences.

A wave misses the target,
failing to deliver the blow.

Your heart moves you to stay,
so you remain standing
on the shore, heart-pounding;
shivering at the thought of
what could have been:
you, the aquamarines,
the sea none the wiser.

The Sea, You & Me

A full moon illuminates the bioluminescent sea;
calm, yet before the waves were wild and free.

We jump into a dingy and take a tour of the sea,
to see how the light shines just for you and me.

A jellyfish dances below us in the luminous sea,
then you make a funny face, and you laugh at me.

We set a path for the shore as we admire the sea,
you and I silent thinking of the ring you gave me.

Sea Sunrise

I’m standing on the shore
toeing seashells and sand.

Sipping sweet milky tea
and remembering

Stormy skies seem so far away,
while the salty surface is calm.

Soft sounds of winter speak through
shy wavelets as they move closer.

Something cute breaks the surface,
many little bubbles begin to show.

Soft hues of grey, pink and blue,
they come from the dark cold.

Sunrise presents a pastel watercolour,
Showing us another day to live a life.

Dancing on the edge

Daydreams take hold playing a reel of
what could have been of my little life.

Couching and cooking won’t help my
waistline, nor stop the movies playing.

Succumbing to the reel of many fantasies,
I sit for hours unaware of the time of day.

Daydreams play themselves until the end,
yet I remain the same person I once was.

Idle, I didn’t realise holding on to a dream
could mean losing the one I love the most.

Lighthouse, Wickie, Sailor, & Sea

Towering, wise and stoic, The Lighthouse remains whole
Standing, waiting, watching, keeping sailor and sea secrets
Towering, remaining whole, until its’ light touches the sea
Standing, wary, unwaveringly calm, watching the ships

The sea, wise and cunning, knows the ways of sailors
Pillaging, profiting, putrefying, destroying the soul of the sea
The sea, calm, experienced, wait until storms begin
Pillaging, foolish, unwise sailors ignore the weight of the wind

The Lighthouse, alive and well, begins to shine a light on the sea
A Wickie, solitary, brave, sturdy and comfortably alone
The Lighthouse, guide and independent, saves the ship from harm
A Wickie, thankful, shy, talks to The Lighthouse, a friend

Sailors, changed and silent, know the power of the sea
A ship trusted, tailored, obeys the sailors for fear of the rocks
Sailors, grateful and smiling, thank Wickie and Lighthouse
A ship so tired and tall sails into the storm and onto the cold shore

Towering and standing wisely on the cliff, The Lighthouse
Sailors thank the Lighthouse and respect the old sea
The Wickie knows The Lighthouse and The Sailor’s Heart
The ship feels forgotten until the sea splashes her

A Life in Strings

Born from silence on the vibration of small strings, your young life gathers tempo; childhood days by the pool become teenage nights by the sea.

The Notes of Life flow through you; the notes gather pace as the wind whispers of love’s first blush.

Feelings set in on the vibration of louder strings, then gather momentum as the notes move into place. Love takes over, becoming so loud that your heart might explode.

Then the feeling is gone; you know what it is to be an adult now. Sadness sets in as the strings slow down; you learn to pull yourself apart.

Then the Notes of Life gather pace; you wish the sea would dash you against the rocks, for your heart might explode.

Pain moves along the strings as thoughts of darkness and light ebb and flow. You know who you are as the strings soften and your life gathers pace.

Then the strings produce a heavy sound, and you cannot understand what the vibrations mean as you struggle against the tide; the sea holds your heart.

You see him standing there.
You’ve never felt this way.
Your whole heart of strings vibrates, for you have found your soulmate.